Team & Group Coaching Practitioner

What you will gain

  • You will feel confident to start facilitating team and group coaching, on-site, online and residantially.
  • You will know what to do with a dysfunctioning team or group
  • You will know how to have a big impact without becoming the leader of the team
  • You will learn the newest approaches to raise collective intelligence
  • You will gain experience in multiple ways to interact with groups, face-to-face, campus-based, virtual, small groups, big groups, co-animations, serious games, residential, multilingual / multicultural approaches,…
  • You will benefit from a very wide spectrum of approaches & tools.

What you will learn

  • How to detect what is happening and to adapt yourself to the emerging situation.
  • How to create/raise trust in a team or group of individuals
  • How to handle secrets, gossips, old conflicts, frustrations and conflicts
  • How to create a team spirit and a collaborative mindset
  • How to raise creativity in a team or group
  • How to raise commitment of team members

What you will become

  • More present, impactful, charismatic in front of groups
  • Able to develop the right posture and attitude in your teams.

The skills you will develop

  • Be impactful
  • Develop the right posture
  • Manage resistance and conflicts
  • Manage emotions such as fears, anger, sadness, mistrust…
  • Change the dynamics of a team or group
  • Develop cohesion
  • Elaborate a team or group program
  • Use techniques and tools for remote animation

Learning approach

To become a practitioner you need to practice. Therefore, this training will consist of demos, exercises, practices, … during the training sessions and between the training sessions.

Most of the theoretical aspects will be covered in webinars and pre-reading materials.

All the seminars will be co-animated by at least 2 trainers: as an individual you will learn how to co-facilitate and as a group you will eplore and experience the whole process of team and group coaching.

As a group, you will experiment the whole process of group coaching.

You will also coach teams and groups during the sessions and between the sessions.

To help you start practicing in real situations, each of you will have a personal mentor-coach to allow you to put immediately in practice what you have learned.


Journey mixing face-to-face training and video-conferences

4 Modules to live, experience and practice the tools and methods of team coaching

5 Webinars to deepen the concepts and theories

5 Q&A sessions to answer your questions and respond to your specific needs

3 Co-development Sessions for sustained personal development for the group

2 Mentoring Sessions for personal support during your first experiences

And also

Throughout the journey, you will be able to bring your questions and practical cases to feed the reflections and exercises.

You will also benefit from two mentoring sessions at the best time for you.

  • Kick-off

    Get to know each other and identify each other's goals

  • Module 1: Creating cohesion, trust and contracting

    Moving from a group of individuals to a collective

    What you will discover:

    • How to know yourself and others
    • How to create a bond and security
    • How to develop listening skills and trust
    • How to welcome differences
    • How to bring out resistance
    • How to analyze the needs of stakeholders
    • How to contractualize

    What you will be able to do after the module:

    Manage the first steps of contractualization and create cohesion, trust and security in the group

  • Between modules 1 and 2

    Two Webinars: Structure of a team coaching (do's & don'ts) and team development theories

    Two question and answer sessions

    One co-development session

  • Module 2: Moving from a collective to a team

    Bringing out the awareness of the team as a system

    What you discover:

    • Contractualization practice and analysis of potential difficulties
    • What are the differences between group and team
    • Functioning and evolution of a team
    • Diagnosis of dysfunction
    • How to bring out a reason for being, a vision, a mission, an ambition

    What you will be able to do after the module :

    Identify the stage of maturity of the team and bring out the foundations of a team

  • Between modules 2 and 3

    Two Webinars: Collective Intelligence for Teams and Systemic in Teams

    Two question and answer sessions

    A co-development session

  • Module 3: Operating as a Team

    Develop team performance and sustainability

    What you will discover:

    • How to implement the concepts of roles, processes and commitment
    • How to optimize the functioning of a team
    • How to manage conflict
    • How to manage interculturality and diversity
    • How to use the potential of each person
    • How to accompany a team in the different levels of values (the dynamic spiral)

    What you will be able to do after the module :

    Bring the team to question its operating modes and to enter into a process of improvement

  • Between modules 3 and 4

    A Webinar: Theory U

    A question and answer session

    A co-development session

  • Module 4: Growing in your practice

    Intensive practice and exploration of specific cases

    What you will discover:

    • Experience a team coaching process
    • Practice team coaching
    • Analysis and debriefing of cases
    • Synthesis of learning
    • Evaluation
    • Certification

    What you will be able to do after the module :

    Contractualize, define the course of a coaching and coach a group, a team in various situations.

Practical Information

Journey mixing face-to-face training and video-conferences

3 times 2 days and 1 time 3 days of online, on-site and residential training over 12 months. (The residential mode is encouraged but not mandatory)

5 Webinars dedicated to theories and 5 Q&A sessions
3 co-developing moments between the training sessions
2 individual sessions with a mentor-coach

Next Cycle

Kick-off : 29/04/2, 5 PM to 6:30 PM Online

Module 1 : 17/05/21 - 18/05/21 Online

Webinars, Q&A et co-developpement : 27/05/21, 03/06/21, 17/06/21, 02/09/21 & 23/09/21, 5 PM to 6:30 PM Online

Module 2 : 04/10/21 - 05/10/21 Online or On-site depending on health circumstances

Webinars, Q&A et co-developpement : 21/10/21, 28/10/21, 18/11/21, 16/12/21 & 13/01/22, 5 PM to 6:30 PM Online

Module 3 : 17/01/22 - 18/01/22 Online or On-site depending on health circumstances

Webinars, Q&A et co-developpement : 10/02/22,  24/02/22 & 31/03/22, 5 PM to 6:30 PM Online

Module 4 : 25/04/22 - 27/04/22  residential

Small group of participants

To insure full experience and learning, we are targeting groups of around 12 participants, with a minimum of 8. This allows you to practice in small or bigger groups depending on the type of activities. 

Target Group

This training is dedicated to anyone who wants to gain in experience and confidence about coaching a group or a team and more particularly to individual coach who wants to move to team & group coaching and facilitators and consultants who want to broaden their practice to coaching.
Managers who would like to develop a different managing style in order to stimulate collective intelligence from their teams, will have the opportunity to learn to new skills, techniques and useful tools.


Regular fees   : 4250 € excl. taxes*

Fees for one time payment before 15/04/21 : 3950 € excl. taxes*

Possible payment by installments :

500 € at subscription

1250 € before 15/05/21

1250 € before 01/10/21

1250 € before 15/01/22

The fees include more than 100 h of training and practice, materials, the webinars, Co-development session, 2 sessions of presonnal mentoring.

Foresee extra fees for accommodation and  meals  around 80 € per nigth.

* 500 € excl. taxes are due at subscription and are not more refundable after the 15/03/2021.


Being ourselves a very multi-cultural team and living in Belgium, we facilitate team and group coaching in different languages. Training languages are English and French. We will adjust according to the participants’ needs. Multicultural and multilangual facilitation will also be a main aspect of this training.

An Inspiring place

On-site training days are organized in the Koningsteen Centrum

An inspiring place, close to Brussels, with all facilities, including rooms for overnigthing, big training room, a big garden and lot of breakout places.

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